Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I come in for my first session? New clients are asked to complete an intake form that covers basic information about the client, their history, emergency information and payment information. Once the session starts, I will go over your responses and answer any initial questions. I strive to keep our counseling sessions comfortable for our clients and to provide them a safe space in which they can explore their issues.

How long does a session last? Unless otherwise pre-arranged, sessions are about 50 minutes long.

Will I be expected to do anything between sessions? As Cognitive Behavioral Therapists, I believe that real change occurs between sessions as you contemplate what I discuss in the session. Frequently, I will give a client “homework” to help facilitate their between session time and to make the most of our time together. Motivated clients often request bibliography or reading assignments. I have a small library in my office from which I am happy to loan my clients resources.

How Long Should I Go To Counseling? That depends. Each client situation is different. Some clients find relief after just a few sessions and others feel that a longer term commitment is necessary. In my experience, clients typically initiate counseling when they are in crisis. After I have moved past the crisis is actually when real healing can take place. I encourage you to continue with your commitment to counseling after the crisis has passed so that I might develop some tools for you to avoid repeating the same type of crisis in the future.

Do you take insurance? No. In order to take insurance, I can not offer you confidentiality of your records. In our experience, using insurance is often problematic when it comes to maintaining critical confidentiality as the insurance companies need to know what they are paying for including your diagnosis. Diagnostic information can be very sterotyping and it is our commitment to our clients to maintain discretion. Having said this, if you choose to use your out of network benefits, I am happy to furnish you with a summary receipt complete with the medical billing codes and diagnostic information for psychotherapy. You payment is expected at the time of service and I do accept all major credit cards.